"I take my cameras everywhere, they are always within reach"

I've had the pleasure of working with clients including Glaxo Klein Smith, Orchestra Victoria, Channel 7 Melbourne, Cornerbox, Cordell Jigsaw, The Crusty Demons of Dirt, Julian Burton Burns Trust, Etrace, Leading Edge Events, Rhianna's live tour of Australia, Big Picture, Sham '69, and (of course) many weddings. I am available for events, live music, portraits, landscape, weddings, automotive, travel, and commercial photography.


"The photo's you took on the day are truly amazing and we love them. All of the people I have shown them to so far have also said how amazing they are. Thank you for spending 8 hours of your time with us on our special day. Your easygoing nature made it easy for us to relax and enjoy having our photo’s taken. You mentioned that you were supposed to go to Brisbane that weekend so for you to stick with our wedding means a lot. So from Adam and me a BIG thank you." ~ Mell.

"Jase's work definitely reflects his cool personality. When I look through his photostream, not only do you get to know him, but you get to know his world... his life. Love your work mate, you're an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing man and know that I continue to learn more and more from you as you update your work." ~ Joel del Castillo, Photographer

"From the first time I met Jase on flickr I saw Melbourne in a different light. He has a real knack of capturing every day life and he does it so effortlessly. But when he puts his heart into a shot he produces some absolute gems that I can only look at and say "I want to shoot like that some day". I look forward to what he has to share each day and make a concerted effort to keep up with his daily barrage of imagery. Keep it up mate, you have some real talent and I enjoy seeing the world through your lens." ~ Steve Koukoulas, Photographer

"Quality work punctuated with outstanding images of the highest standard - to me this is real photography. Jase has passion in spades, and it is a joy to see this constant flow of images evolve in parallel with his experiences. I am realtively new to flickr, and Jase's photos, support and drive inspire me to keep the creative ball rolling." ~ Peter Charlesworth, Photographer

All of the images shown here on 500px are my personal favorites. All images on this page are copyright © Jason D. Felmingham and may not be used without written permission.